Niels Peter Rygaard

Occupational Psychologist

Niels Peter Rygaard:

When working with children who suffer from deprivation and severe attachment disorder, it is necessary to support and develop staff and leader groups in order to create a secure base, stability and clarity in the child's everyday life. This requires a combination of child-at-risk research, leadership and organizational development, and education.

My field of work is educating professional groups and organizations, based on the dissemination of research in treating high risk children and youth. I support the development of professionals who carry out the demanding work with children in need.

Institutions for severely disadvantaged children and young people are exposed to very large emotional pressure, and often face organizational challenges. That is why I cooperate and work with schools, residential care, foster care systems, adoptive parents and their professional organizations. For organizations, I work with the development of multidisciplinary teams.

Internationally, I have a very large network of researchers, and public and private organizations across the globe, and I often review or edit papers and studies. I have designed a free online education for staff groups and leaders in quality child care. Today, the free program is available in many languages and it is spreading to developing countries, thanks to contributions from volunteer researchers and users. Read more  about this exciting project here

My approach is very practical and based on many years of experience, an optimistic attitude towards even the most hopeless tasks, and mobilization of the participants' motivation, knowledge and job satisfaction.

Buy Rygaard’s classic book ”Severe Attachment Disorder in Childhood – a Guide to Practical Therapy” in English at, and for other languages at

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Cand. psych., Aarhus Universitet, aut. DPA.
Social Agency's consultant in adoption cases, recipient of the adoption price 2012.
Research, leadership development and education in attachment and quality care standards.

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